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In March of 2010 no one was more surprised by my diagnosis of breast cancer than my doctor and I. Unfortunately, “it is what it is” and my excellent health team made a quick plan to rid my body of the malignant cancer. After my double mastectomy, I found myself going home from the hospital with four drains to deal with for several weeks. The drains exiting my body were not only a nuisance to strip, measure output, and maintain, but PAINFUL at the exit site due to pressure and pinching created by the hospital issue garment and movement in general. After searching for ways to alleviate the pain and not finding suitable garments, with my plastic surgeon’s help, I decided to DESIGN one! The creation of COMFORT & JOY was born!

The Comfort & Joy garments with drain accommodations allow stripping and measuring without having to undress, and during the process stabilize the drain tubes so pain is minimal if at all.

Although the original intent was to provide comfortable, supportive, and healing garments for breast cancer survivors the line has now grown (thanks to my manufacturer) into a variety of garments that can be worn pre-surgical, post-surgical……forever! The drain accommodations are fabulous post surgically but become ‘invisible’ after the drains are removed and the garment is great for everyday use. You can also purchase any and all garments without the drain accommodations and in a variety of variations including: sleeves, band width, length, color, and even custom sizing! Plus the garments can be downsized after purchase if you are a bariatric patient.

The fact that our garments are “CLEAN” garments that are completely USA materials and workmanship is not a minor ‘deal’. I searched, for literally months, for a manufacturer that could pledge their materials had not been dipped in pesticides and/or formaldehyde (as many are that are shipped across the world to prevent insect and rodent damage). I didn’t want to put a garment on my body that was treated with carcinogenic solutions!!! I don’t think you do either. Lycra material makes up 55% of our garment material ensuring them a long life. I don’t think you will be able to find another domestic garment that even comes close to our quality materials, workmanship, and durability.

Joy Woodruff
Breast Cancer SURVIVOR
Inventor of Comfort & Joy Garments